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The Great Technology

The Uniqueness of Samurai 2K/Part

Super Flexibility

Our spray paint provides a degree of flexibility, meaning that the paint coating adheres to surfaces better than other brands due to the chemical bonding process.

UV Ray Shield

Protects against damaging UV rays up to 1000 hours, prolonging the glossiness of your paint job.

Strong Bond

SAMURAI® paint provides a very hard finish upon drying that is highly resistant to scratches, cracks and fading while providing a high-gloss and reflective coating.

Weather Resistant

SAMURAI® is highly resistant to year-round seasonal and weather changes such as snow, summer heat, rain and sleet. This makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring durable paint coatings outdoors.

Strong Adhesion

SAMURAI®’s Japan-formulated 2K/Part paint provides excellent adhesion to any surface (with proper surface prep) such as wood, metal, plastic, wicker, glass and ceramic.

Gloss Retention

Our 2K/Part paint components are carefully measured to provide not only higher gloss finishes but also shine retention compared to single-component paints.


Acts as a barrier between metal and its environment, increasing durability and the lifespan of the surface painted from moisture, oxidation and corrosion.

Chemical Resistant

SAMURAI® spray paints are chemical-resistant, making it a great choice for automotive or industrial applications as it does not dissolve, weaken or dilute upon contact with chemicals.

Our 2K/Part Technology

Our 2K/Part System-In-a-Can (Single-Head)

Samurai 2-parts spray paint system is a state of the art coating innovation mixing 2 chemical components in one aerosol can combine both hardener and paint solution when needed, making it hassle free and user friendly that conveniently substitutes against 1-Part paint. However, for the single head 2K/Part product, the inner sleeve containing the hardener has a built-in mandrel and a suction pipe. The mandrel works to rupture the inner sleeve, allowing the hardener to mix with the paint solution. The combined solution is then discharged by a suction pipe through the single opening at the top.