2K System

Our 2K-In-a-Can Aerosol Spray System

The concept of our 2-in-1 practice involves combining hardener and resin in a unique two-headed aerosol can.

Benefits of 2-Parts Polyurethane Paint over 1-Part Paint

Better UV Protection

No Primer Needed

UV Test > 2,000 Hours

Salt Spray Test > 1,500 Hours

Samurai 2K/Part System is Essentially A 2-in-1 Concept

Two Component - hardener and paint - are packed into a single aerosol can, ready for mixing as and when you want to use it. You can now enjoy the top quality of aerosol paint with maximum gloss and hard finishes. Just a simple step with 2K/part Epoxy Series, your favorite object will become new and protected.

Technology of Samurai 2K/Part Aerosol Spray Paint System

Samurai 2-parts spray paint system is a state of the art coating innovation mixing 2 chemical components in one aerosol can combine both hardener and paint solution when needed, making it hassle free and user friendly that conveniently substitutes against 1-Part paint.