Zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Experience the world’s first water-based top coat with SAMURAI®’s WATERTEK. Unlike traditional paints that rely on chemical solvents, WATERTEK utilizes water as the liquefying agent, resulting in zero VOC emissions. This makes it bond easily to substrates such as wood, plastic and metal.

Low VOC Emissions

Water-based aerosol paints emits fewer harmful chemicals, improving air quality

Easy Application

Applies smoothly, dries quickly, and provides excellent coverage

Low Odor

Minimal chemical odor, making it more pleasant to use

Quick Cleanup

Cleans up easily with water and mild soap.

WATERTEK’s low odor properties makes working with water-based paints safer and more pleasant. Especially in confined spaces, the reduced flammability adds an extra layer of security. Ideal for those who are chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious.

Moreover, water-based coatings are not classified as hazardous waste, allowing you to significantly reduce disposal fees. Embrace a greener approach without compromising on performance. Choose water-based coatings for a safer, more cost-effective solution.