Posted time September 12, 2023 Location Johor Job type Full-time

Job Responsibilities

  1. Prepare surfaces for spraying by cleaning, sanding, and masking as needed.
  2. Mix and prepare paints, coatings, or other materials according to specifications.
  3. Select and set up the appropriate spraying equipment and tools.
  4. Apply coatings evenly and smoothly using various spraying techniques.
  5. Ensure proper coverage and thickness of coatings to meet project requirements.
  6. Monitor and adjust spraying equipment settings as necessary for optimal results.
  7. Inspect finished work to identify any defects, drips, or inconsistencies.
  8. Perform touch-ups and re-spraying as needed to achieve desired finish.
  9. Follow safety protocols and use protective equipment to prevent exposure to hazardous materials.
  10. Clean and maintain spraying equipment and work area.


  1. Previous experience as a sprayer or in a similar role is preferred.
  2. Proficiency in various spraying techniques and equipment setup.
  3. Knowledge of different types of coatings, paints, and materials.
  4. Understanding of safety procedures and proper use of personal protective equipment.
  5. Attention to detail and ability to achieve precise and uniform results.
  6. Ability to interpret specifications and follow instructions accurately.
  7. Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team environment.