Press Release


Samurai launches two-component granular-textured aerosol paints for motorcycles

• Granular-textured paint products provide end users with more options with regards to the types of finishing on their
• In conjunction with the launch, the Group held a party for international fans in Stadium Malawati Shah Alam, Malaysia
to showcase its products to the rest of the world, and promote bonding among the youths across the region


SINGAPORE, 28 December 2018 – Samurai 2K Aerosol Limited (“Samurai” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), a Malaysian-based manufacturer of automotive aerosol paints, recently launched two new aerosol products under its Samurai brand – namely, the 2K Polyurethane Truck Bed Liner (“PU”) and 2K Undercarriage Epoxy (“Epoxy”) granular-textured aerosol paints.

Samurai’s two-component PU and Epoxy paints are high quality granular paints which, when applied onto metal surfaces, provide maximum protection with a textured finish. Both products can be applied onto rusty metal surfaces, uneven surfaces, or on top of old paint. Similar to other Samurai products, the PU and Epoxy paints are heat resistant, up to 190 ⁰C. The PU paint creates a granular texture and protects the metal surface from ultra-violet (UV) rays, thereby preventing the colour from fading and eroding. Depending on the spray technique used, motorcycle enthusiasts are able to create multiple wrinkled textures. The Epoxy paint provides a rough texture finish and is best used as a primer to protects metal surfaces against rust.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Ong Yoke En, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Samurai said, “We are very excited to present our new products to our fans and the rest of the world. Our latest granular-textured 2K paint products offer enthusiasts more options, with regard to protecting and restoring their motorcycles.

Product Application
PU ·       For parts exposed to UV radiation, such as body parts and inner parts.

·       Best to use Epoxy as an undercoat for maximum durability.

Epoxy ·       Anti-rust for parts needing extra protection such as undercarriage and other parts that are not exposed to UV radiation.

·       Best to use PU as a top coat for maximum protection.

The 2K PU paint is designed for metal surfaces that are exposed to UV rays, and offers protection against scratches, minor dents and high impact. The 2K Epoxy paint is meant for parts that need extra protection, as it offers chemical and abrasion protection and scratch resistance.

In conjunction with the product launch, the Group organized a “Samurai Fans International Party” for its fans across the world. Held in Stadium Malawati Shah Alam, Malaysia, the 2-day party gathered more than 5000 like-minded fans and end users of Samurai spray paint products together. The main highlight of the event was the spray-painting competition among the six Southeast Asia countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia, which served as a platform for talented participants to showcase their potential. Such an event also helps to promote Samurai’s paint training sessions, demonstrations, and motorcycle restorations.


This party for our international fans promotes Malaysia to the world, as well as bring our fans together, where they can exchange ideas and tips on restoring their motorcycles. This is the first of many, more exciting “Samurai Fans International Party” to come, not only in Malaysia, but and possibly in the other parts of the world,” Mr Ong added.