Everyone can enjoy the top quality spray results, just like using a spray gun in a workshop.

Samurai 2K practiced 2 in 1 concept (mix hardener and resin) in an aerosol can. You can now enjoy the top quality of aerosol paint with maximum gloss and hard finishes. just a simple step with 2K Epoxy series, your favourite object will become new and protected.


First Version


Each aerosol can has two openings, with one opening located at the top and bottom of the aerosol body.

The can body is filled with paint solution. One end of the body is integrated with an inner sleeve that contains hardener, while the opposite end is crimped with a valve set that is completed with a spray nozzle.




Second Version


Like a normal single component aerosol can, the aerosol body has one opening head and is filled with paint ("Component A"). However, the same opening is integrated with an inner sleeve which contain hardener ("Component B") with a build-in mandrel and suction pipe. The mandrel works to rupture the inner sleeve, mixing Component A and Component B, and the mixed Component A and B will be discharged simultaneously through the suction pipe.



Advantages of the 2K system


Our 2K system is an innovative 2-in-1 concept whereby two separate chemical components such as resin and hardener can be mixed together within an aerosol can. The paint formulation in our 2K systems consists of one portion of hardener for every two portions of resin. The 2K system produces high performing paint that achieves high quality results. Our 2K system aerosol products are user-friendly and can be used independently of additional hardener, catalyst or activator.