Our history dates back to 1997 when our founder, Mr Ong Yoke En, acquired shares in OISB (Orientus Industry Sdn. Bhd.) During the same period, Mr Ong Yoke En also acquired machinery and equipment for OISB (Orientus Industry Sdn. Bhd.) to commence operations. Our Group started providing contract manufacturing services in international markets and was recognised in the industry as a private label manufacturer. Our business operations then consisted of four (4) segments, namely DIY (Do-it-youself) adhesives, aerosols, detergents and industrial cleaning chemicals. Our Group’s adhesive products, particularly blister packs of superglue, were exported overseas to customers located in the USA (The United States of America), the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. At the same time, our industrial grade superglue products were sold and widely used by furniture manufacturers in Malaysia. Our aerosol products included spray paint, air fresheners and penetrant sprays which were popular among industrial users. We also exported household detergents to Singapore and Brunei, and our major customers included ABC Bargain Centres and Three Stars Umbrella Factory Stores. Our industrial grade cleaning chemicals were designed to remove stains encountered in a wide range of commercial, manufacturing and industrial applications.

In 2005, our Group started to reduce our private label manufacturing activities and began a directional change by refocusing our efforts from the abovementioned activities towards proprietary manufacturing including the development of our own spray paint products for better business prospects. In connection with this directional change, we also established our first proprietary brand, “Samurai”.

In 2006, we extended our customer network to East Malaysia and opened sales branches in Sabah and Sarawak so as to better service our customers located in those regions.

In 2008, CPMSB (Creative Paint Marketing Sdn. Bhd.) was incorporated in Malaysia to support the branding, marketing, sales and distribution of our proprietary brand, “Samurai” in Malaysia. Our marketing efforts included participating in trade fairs and exhibitions in Malaysia and increasing our advertising and promotional activities to local retailers and end-users.
Subsequently in 2009, our Group acquired the know-how and formulations from Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd in Singapore with a view to enhancing our ongoing research and development and business efforts to focus on our spray paint products. Our Group originally had to perform dilution on paint concentrates during our manufacturing process. With the acquisition of such know-how and formulations, our Group was able to commence in-house production of our spray paint products.

In 2010, PTSP (PT Samurai Paint) was incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia to focus on importing and eventually distributing the Group’s products in the region.

In 2011, we established another proprietary brand, “Canbrush”, positioned in the market as a line of household paint in order to capture the household market. With this brand, our Group was able to further expand our sales network to the United Kingdom. Earlier in 2011, a company under the name of “Samurai Paint (UK) Ltd.” was incorporated in the United Kingdom by Ms Lim Lay Yong and a third party business partner, Ms Liew Siew Wei. Through  Samurai Paint (UK) Limited , commencing from 2012, we were able to distribute our Group’s “Canbrush” products and penetrate the aerosol spray paint products market in the United Kingdom. SPUL was subsequently voluntarily struck off the Companies Register of the United Kingdom in January 2016. In November of the same year, SWHL (Supreme Wish Holdings Limited) was incorporated in Hong Kong to source for more competitively priced direct materials.

In 2015, our Group achieved a major breakthrough in innovation when we commenced production of our 2K system improving on the user friendliness of an existing technology. The 2K system aerosol can system allows us to pack hardener and resin separately in the same aerosol can. The 2K system also allows these two chemical components to remain stable and to be mixed only as and when activated by the user.

Thereafter, our Group commenced the development of, and in early 2016 initiated a soft launch for, an improved version of the 2K system which is designed with a single head instead of two heads which was the case for the original version in 2015. This improved version is able to give better and higher performance in terms of the spraying behaviour, as spray paint can only be discharged when the inner sleeve is fully punctured and the hardener and resin contained within are thoroughly mixed. This is in contrast to the original version in 2015 where the spray paint may still be discharged even when the hardener and resin have not been thoroughly mixed.

In 2016, our Group decided to voluntarily strike off CPMSB and SWHL in order to streamline our Group’s corporate structure and business operations. CPMSB was previously incorporated to support the branding, marketing, sales and distribution of our proprietary brand, “Samurai” in Malaysia and neighbouring regions. We have since subsumed this function under OISB. SWHL was incorporated to source for more competitively priced direct materials. We have since subsumed this sourcing function under OISB. As at the Latest Practicable Date, we have commenced the striking off process for SWHL. We have not commenced the striking off in respect of CPMSB as we are currently awaiting tax refunds from the relevant tax authority.